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2007 Honda Crossroad

Here’s our first ever Honda crossroad.. just arrived and it’s had a RH rear accident

Not many around yet but they are starting to come in from Japan, this one is a 2wd 1.8L version and it’s a 7-seater

2008 Honda Accord V6

Here’s a hard to find Honda, it’s a 2008 V6 Honda Accord complete with Mugen spoiler and performance exhaust.

It’s had a RH side accident but has a lot of excellent parts available including a boot lid complete with a Mugen spoiler as well as an aftermarket exhaust that has two outlets per side!

We don’t get many of these through at all so if you need something you are best to be quick!

Contact us by free phone in New Zealand 0800 6342914

1996 Honda CRV

We have just received another of the ever popular Honda model CRV, this is an early version (1996) that has had an obvious frontal accident.

has traveled moderate miles for this year vehicle and the engine ran up fine, if you need any parts of this model Honda CRV then please get in contact with us on 0800 634-2914

2002 Honda Jazz Fit

Here’s a very popular 2002 Honda Jazz Fit for parts

Has had light frontal damage but just about everything else is in good condition.

The engine runs fine and it has a good CVT automatic transmission that we have road tested, if you need any Honda Jazz of Honda Fit parts then please contact us or phone on 0800 634-2914

2004 Honda Civic hatch

Just arrived another 2004 Honda Civic

We have just received another 2004 Honda Civic Hatchback for parts.

This Civic has had a medium to hard frontal accident, the engine is OK and it has a good automatic transmission

We are able to supply most parts for this model Honda Civic so if you need something then please contact us!

2003 Honda Accord Euro

Honda Accord Euro

Hi all, we just received another 2003 Honda Accord Euro in for parts

This one’s had a bit of a frontal accident but there are a lot of good parts still available off this vehicle, we do have quite a few of this model Accord in our dismantling yard at the moment so if you need any parts for a 2003 model Honda Accord please contact us!

Welcome to our new on line Store

Hi, and welcome to our new on line store!

This on line store is here for you to be able to buy our used Honda car parts accessories that we have available…

We are sorry if we don’t have what you want right now but we are working hard to load more stock at the moment, it takes quite sometime to go through everything, photograph the items and upload them so please be patient…

the team at Strong honda