FAQ (questions?)

How does our site work, prices, delivery, pick-ups?

Here are some common questions and answers that may help you when using our on-line store.

Do the prices on your website include GST?

YES all prices on our site include GST

Is there a charge for the delivery of items that I buy from you?

Yes there is an additional delivery charge, the charge is calculated when you add an item to your shopping cart after you enter your delivery details but before you actually pay for your part, this way you know the total of your purchase before you pay us.

If I buy more than one item at the same time will I be charged delivery on each item?

The simple answer is Yes, our online parts are sent from a distribution center and even though the items may come to you on the same courier they will be packaged separately and charged per package.

Why can’t I just come to your showroom and pick up the part that I want to buy from this website?

There are two reasons, the first is the parts we have online are not held in our warehouse or in our showroom so they are not actually available for pick ups, the other reason is that the only way for us to keep the prices on this site as low as they are is for us to save costs, it costs us to serve customers at our counter so if we did allow pick ups we would have to raise all the prices of the parts we are selling on line.

I am not in New Zealand, can you send parts to other countries?

No, sorry parts sold from this site can not be sent outside New Zealand

What kinds of credit cards do you accept for payment?

We only accept Mastercard and Visa, we don’t take American express etc